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Your upcoming May Renfrewshire changes

We're making changes to some of your Renfrewshire services!

The most iconic change to the Renfrewshire services, is service 101 will be replaced by service 26; which will operate more buses and an increased frequency, to ensure passengers travelling to and from Intu Braehead and Paisley will not be affected.

Check out a summary of your upcoming changes!

A summary of Renfrewshire changes include;

  • Service 26 will be improved operate a new 8 minute frequency between Nethercraigs, Paisley, Renfrew, and Intu Braehead, replacing service 101. A 15 minute service will continue to Glasgow unchanged.
  • Service 101 will be replaced with more buses on service 26 – which goes to Intu Braehead via Soar
  • Service 21 will now terminate at Intu Braehead instead of Govan, for those travelling to QEUH please board service 17 from Paisley or 23 from Renfrew or Govan every 10 minutes
  • Service 23 will operate a 10-minute frequency between Intu Braehead and Glasgow via Govan
  • Service X23 will operate additional peak time journeys to & from Glasgow
  • Service 23 and X23 will provide a combined 15 minute service between Erskine & Intu Braehead
  • Service 66 will no longer serve Shortroods and Glasgow Airport Monday – Saturday, however will continue to serve Shortroods every 30 minutes on Sundays, with some evening journeys to Glasgow Airport
  • Service 22/22S will now serve Mains Hill, Erskine replacing service 757 – which will now follow a revised route
  • Service 757 will operate a revised route in Erskine and an improved morning frequency from Paisley to Inchinnan Business Park

Service 101 - Replaced by revised service 26
  • Withdrawn and replaced by service 26, which will be increased to operate every 7/8 minutes between Nethercraigs, Paisley, Renfrew, Soar and Braehead continuing to Glasgow every 15 minutes
  • For journeys to and from Paisley and Renfrew High Street, please use service 21
  • For journeys between Renfrew High Street and Intu Braehead, please use services 21, 23 or X23

Service 6 - revised timetable

We have amended times to better suit shift patterns for those who work at Silverburn and Paisley! There is also an added journey at 18.12 from Silverburn.

Service 21 - Revised route
  • Continued 30 minute frequency, but will now terminate at Intu Braehead from Paisley
  • Will no longer serve QEUH, please board your frequent service 17 from Paisley or 23 from Renfrew
  • For Govan Bus Station, please board McGill's services 23 or 26, which will continue to serve this area

Service 22/22S - Extended route
  • Will now operate via Mains Hill, replacing 757 in this area
  • Slightly revised timetable

Service 23 - Revised timetable
  • Will operate every 10 minutes between Intu Braehead and Glasgow
  • Will operate every 30 minutes to Erskine, from Intu Braehead and Glasgow

Your 23 and X23 offer a combined 15-minute frequency between Erskine and Intu Braehead

Service X23 - Additional journeys

We have added additional peak time journeys!
  • Morning - Erskine to Glasgow via Renfrew
  • Evening - Glasgow to Erskine via Renfrew

Service 26 - Increased frequency, replaces service 101
  • New frequency of every 8 minutes between Nethercraigs, Paisley, Renfrew and Braehead with buses continuing to Govan and Glasgow every 15 minutes
  • All journeys will now extend from Paisley to Intu Braehead, replacing service 101
  • Speedier journey as avoids traffic at Hillington
  • You can board service 26 at the current 101 stance Intu Braehead, for journeys towards Paisley
  • Perfect service for going to Intu Braehead or Soar

Service 54 - Revised frequency
  • Will operate every 30 minutes Monday - Saturday
  • Will combine with service 3 to give a frequent service between Neilston and Barrhead
  • Slightly revised times on a Sunday

Service 66 - Revised route
  • Will now operate via Bridge Street, Cotton Street to Gauze Street in Paisley town centre, no longer serves Weir Street
  • Monday - Saturday operates between Paisley and Dykebar Hospital, no longer serves Shortroods and Glasgow Airport
  • Sunday - operated between Shortroods and Dykebar Hospital, no longer serves Glasgow Airport excelt 3 evening journeys
  • For Glasgow Airport - please board McGill's 757

Service 757 - Revised route
  • Will no longer serve Mains Hill in Erskine, please board service 22 in this area, which will operate via Mains Hill
  • Improved morning frequency! Will operate more frequently from Paisley to Inchinnan Business Park
  • Will no longer serve Glasgow Airport Business Park
  • Your new stop in Paisley town centre is Central Road under the bridge, about 1 minute from Smithhills Street

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