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Service 23/X23 update - updated 15/2/19

Thank you to all who attended our initial public consultation meetings in regards to our services 23 and X23.

We appreciate your feedback so far, which will allow us to put forward some alternative ideas for how to continue the AM peak portion of our X23 service.

Initial outcomes of the first meeting:
  • Service 23 will have new buses by the end of March this year
  • Service 23 may have adjusted frequency to timetable between Braehead and Glasgow (Erskine-Braehead unaffected)
  • Service X23 will remain the same after peak times (09:00), but will also have new single deck buses the same as service 23
Initial outcomes of second meeting:

Thank you to the thousands of people who provided feedback online, through our survey and at our last meeting, we have analysed all responses and we are finalising a plan going forward.

Going forward, we have listened to your feedback:

Fares for XP23, have been revised, and will now be:

All-day ticket - £5.50

Weekly ticket - £24.00

Monthly ticket (this will be for 30 days) - £80.00

Those who don't wish to opt for the premium, express service, have the option to use our service 23 during peak hours. Please note our services X23 and 23 fares will remain the same after peak time.

This service will begin Monday 1 April, and operate via Erskine to Glasgow city centre, and the other half of the route will operate via Newshot Drive to Renfrew, and Glasgow city centre. Timetable coming soon!

Other feedback:

  • Buses to be on time
Unfortunately, we don't have complete control over the majority of this, but with the introduction of a new fleet and a new timetable structure for good and bad traffic conditions, we will be aiming to achieve much improved punctuality.
  • Capacity - more seats
We will add more vehicles and more journeys to peak time, increasing from 12 to 16, including a combination of coaches, new buses and some double deckers.
  • Better reliability and reduce breakdowns 
New buses will improve this.
  • Direct bus from Erskine 
The new XP23 that serves Erskine will operate straight on the motorway at Erskine Hospital, (like the old Arriva X23 route) with the Renfrew side of the service starting at Inchinnan Village, through to Renfrew and into Glasgow.
  • Renfrew don't want the buses turning up full
The new XP23 that serves Renfrew will no longer serve Erskine and the XP23 that serves Erskine will not serve Renfrew, so that seats are available. 
  • Do not cancel the service
We are not proposing to cancel this service.
  • Customer services is poor with response time, general tone and lack of empathy 
We are introducing more training, changing our performance targets and considering outsourcing. As part of that process we will be recording all calls and introducing a regular mystery shopper survey.

The fares for these new services have still to be finalised. Please note 23 fares will not change and X23 fares after 9am will also remain unchanged.

We have to make changes to our X23 peak service. The service makes a significant loss due to the very high peak loadings, needing additional vehicles that then do not get utilised for most of the day, and this is unsustainable.

If you feel that you didn't get to make your point at the prior meetings, or you want to reiterate something, you can email us on the specific service 23/X23 email, listed above, x23feedback@mcgillsbuses.co.uk

Thank you.


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