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Current m-ticket users - your questions answered!

With our new app has launched, here is everything you need to know if you're a current m-ticket user:

First things first - your tickets are safe, we've simply merged our two existing apps, into one shiny new one! All tickets have transfered over, both used and unused, all you have to do is download the new app via the App Store or Google Play, create a NEW account with the same email as our current m-ticket app, your tickets will appear! *Please note, your tickets can only be used via the new app .*

3 easy steps...

All tickets on our previous m-ticket app are unavailable, and only be available for you on our new app.
  • Download the new app called 'McGill's Buses App' via App Store or Google Play 
  • Create a new account with the same email as our previous m-ticket app
  • Confirm the email you receive by clicking the verification link inside the email, and your tickets will appear in the new app for you   

What you need to know:
  • The new app will be available to download free from the App Store or Google Play from 8 October
  • All existing tickets will transfer over, all you have to do is create a new account with the same password as the current m-ticket app
  • Your existing tickets are not be available on the previous app 
  • Pay with your credit/debit card, or Apple Pay. PayPal will no longer feature, but with other amazing benefits it won't be missed
  • Once your payment is set up, you're all set to buy your favourite tickets
What will change with the new app?
  • You will now have added features such real time information with the actual time of arrival of the bus being shown, journey planning, viewing timetables in a new easy to read format and selecting service alerts you would like to stay up to date with.
  • PayPal won't be available, but once you have set up with a credit/debit card or Apple Pay, it will still be as quick and convenient.
  • Ticket gifting will no longer feature at the moment, however, this will be added at a later date
  • You'll be able to buy your favourite GoZone tickets as normal

What if I can't remember my email used 

If you can't remember your email you used, customer services can provide you with this, just call 08000 51 56 51, and we'll be happy to assist.

Will all my tickets transfer over?

Yes, any purchased ticket you had on our current m-ticket app either active or unused, will transfer over, as long you create a new account with the same email.

When is the last date I can buy a ticket in the current m-ticket app?

Sunday 7 October was the last date, after this, all m-tickets will be switched off, and you will have to migrate to our new app, where any existing tickets you had purchased will appear.

What if I don't want to merge over until my existing ticket expires?

All existing tickets on our current m-ticket app will be deactivated, meaning they will not be available for use from this date. To use your purchased m-tickets, download the new 'McGill's Buses App' and your tickets will be there.

I gift my kids a ticket, will this feature still be there?

This feature will be added at a later date, however, it will not be available when we launch the new app. Please call 08000 51 56 51, to find your best alternative option.


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