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Bascule Bridge Closure - 5th August to 12th September.


The Bascule Bridge, between Inchinnan and Renfrew, will be closed from 5th August to 12th September. As a result, your service 22,23 & X23 will be revised, please see below for details.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused but unfortunately these circumstances are entirely outwith our control and we have been left with very little notice to plan these revisions. 


Details of service diversions:


22 - Buses will be diverted between Bascule Bridge and Paisley via Abbotsinch Road and Love Street.

     - Passengers travelling between Erskine and Renfrew should us Services 23/X23.

     - Passengers travelling to West College and Renfrew can change to

       Services 21, 22R, 26 & 101 at Paisley.

     - Passengers travelling between Kirklandneuk, Renfrew, Newmains and Paisley should use Service 22R.

22 Timetable - http://ow.ly/WtkJ30ea8w3


22R  - This shuttle bus will operate half hourly between Kirklandneuk, Renfrew, Newmains and                           Paisley. 

- During the day, this service will operate via Newmains to provide a 15 minute service in co-ordination with Service 21. 

22R Timetable - http://ow.ly/sCFR30ea8WQ


23 - Buses will be diverted between Bascule Bridge and Renfrew via Abbotsinch Road, M8 and Paisley Road.

- A revised timetable will be in place in order to maintain service reliability. There will however, be no change to the frequency.

23 Timetable - http://ow.ly/zIc330ea9aU


X23 - Morning peak time journeys will be adjusted in order to provide a reliable service. Please see timetable for further details.

- Main day and evening peak time journeys will follow the full diversion route (Abbotsinch Road, M8, Paisley road)

- Passengers travelling from Kirkalandneuk towards Braehead, QUEH, Govan and Glasgow should use Service 22R to Renfrew Cross, where interchange is available to Services 23/X23, 26 and 101.

- Normally 12 morning peak departures, from Monday 7 August on weekdays - Four journeys will start at the Normandy Hotel, two journeys will operate the full route from Erskine and Renfrew including the diversion (the first and last of the peak morning journeys). Six journeys will start at Erskine and will not serve Renfrew as they will continue on the M8 diversion route straight to Glasgow.

X23 Timetable http://ow.ly/eYDl30eaagn


Please note: Services 23/X23 will not stop on diversionary route with the exception of Renfrew Cross (Stop at Y-Pay-More). This is necessary in order to keep to timetable. 


Thanks for your patience - if you have a complaint about the short notice of this information, please contact Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 0300. 


For any further information you can call our customer services team free on 08000 51 56 51.


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