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Celebrate World Health Day with McGill's

Save money and stay healthy with McGill's this World Health Day!

Taking the bus isn't just good for your pockets; it's good for your health too!

Why not try commuting by bus this World Health Day, you might find it's better for you! 
  • Improved health - it is 1/3rd less stressful to commute to work by bus rather than the car.
  • Public transport is better for the economy.
  • Brings people together and is an essential means of transport for commuters.
Did you know, if you take the bus to work, depending on your area you could save £2000 per year?

We have done the research for you, and shown the savings you can make, by choosing a McGill's monthly GoZone ticket, in comparison to train and petrol & parking costs! And, the results are staggering! What will you spend your savings on?

From the below 6 areas in our network, all with frequent and quick services to Glasgow, our monthly GoZone tickets are anywhere between 30%-45% cheaper, and offer unlimited travel - so you can use as often as you like!


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